João Ferreira

Art Dealer/Advisor

I have been passionately active in the art world for over 25 years. By drawing on years of experience, extensive industry knowledge and established long-term relationships, I am perfectly placed to offer a full service private art consultancy specialising in both modern and contemporary art.

Working with a select group of dedicated collectors, I enrich my clients’ collections by sourcing and acquiring significant works of art from established and emerging artists in both the secondary and primary markets.

Guided by my clients’ individual aesthetics, interests and goals, I build unique collections with discretion and confidentiality. I appreciate collecting as a form of asset allocation too, and so will advise collectors on value systems as well as their reappraisal over time.

I also assist in all other aspects of building a fine art collection – from archiving and documentation, to shipping, insurance, storage, framing and installation.

I offer discreet and professional advice for the ardent collector and nurture authentic relationships in the pursuit of connoisseurship and collector motivation.


"Constant exposure is vital to a refined aesthetic sensibility – and this is vital to any worthwhile acquisition." - JF


"The art scene is notoriously intimidating, but equipping yourself with knowledge is essential." - JF

"Token works by established artists is a sensible choice, I however, am more excited by new techniques and unfamiliar styles." - JF