Art Dealer Services


International curator and art dealer João Ferreira brings more than 25 years of experience working in the art industry to his clients. Whether you’re in need of an art advisor or help building your art collection, João can help you navigate the art world with ease. As a art dealer and advisor, he also provides a full range of services from archival and documentation to shipping, framing and much more.


Art advisory

As a leading art advisor with more than 25 years of experience I help clients to find sought after artworks of unique value.

Build collections

Through an in depth knowledge of established and emerging artists, I help collectors build new collections or enhance existing ones.

Archiving and documentation

I provide a full collection overview, image bank and documentation of individual works, including appraisals.

Shipping, Insurance & Storage

I partner with art specific service providers to manage a safe and reliable art handeling and storage process.

Framing and Installation

From start to finish, I manage the conservation framing and installation process of high value art pieces, partnering only with industry professionals.

Acquisitions and Selling

I help clients acquire specific artworks and facilitate the complete buying and selling process.